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16 Days In September
Australia...Determination, Guts, and Glory
Australians at the Olympics: A Definitive History 1896-1980
Fat Man Running
The Gold and Glory
Olympic Glory- Aussies and Kiwis at the Olympics
Olympic Glory- Heroes, Heartbreaks, and Hilarities
Olympic Glory- The Melbourne Games
Olympic Glory: Instant Highlights from the Olympic Glory Video Series
Pushing the Limits in Athletic Performance
They Live to Run


Bodies in Motion
Born to Run
Borderline Normal
Endurance of the Spirit
The Fast Runner
Four Minutes
Great Rocky Mountain Relay Race
The Olympic Series: Golden Moments 1920-2002
Olympic Warrior: Donovan Bailey’s Story
Race of the Century
Running Brave
Running the Midnight Sun
Saint Ralph
Spanish Gold
Spirit of the Game
Targeted Sports Training: Running
Twenty-Six Times in a Row
Video Stride: Canada Banff - Lake Louise
What Are You Running For?
World Championships 2001: Edmonton
Yukon Arctic Ultra 2005


Dream Weavers: Beijing 2008

Czech Republic

Olympijsky Novovek


Atletu (The Athlete)
Green Flood


Black, Gold, Greene
World Championships 2003: Paris


Besser laufen
Der Sprinter
Dernier Stade
Olympia - Olympia
Olympia: Part One- Festival of the People
Olympia: Part Two- Festival of Beauty
Run Lola Run
The Story of the Olympics
World Championships 1993: Stuttgart


Athens 2004 Olympic Games Official Highlights
Get on Your Mark
Run Natasha Run
Spyros Louis
World Championships 1997: Athens
Yannis Kouros: Forever Running


Children of Heaven
The Runner


The Longest Ditch


The Grand Olympics
The Runner (IL Corridore)
Run for Your Life


Dangan Runner
Excerpts of Tokyo Games
The Isolation of Two Long Distance Runners
My Champion
Record of a Marathon Runner
Tokyo Olympiad
World Championships 1991: Tokyo




Mexcio 68
The Olympics in Mexico


Go! Go! Go!

New Zealand

On the Run
Striding On!

North Korea

Racing to Crown
Run and Run


Dysk Olympijski


An Autumn Marathon
Oh Sport, You Are Brave!
Soviet Athletes; Summer Olympians
Soviet Runner’s Training

South Africa

The Long Run
The Winners


World Championships 1999: Seville


World Championships 1995: Göteborg


Strong Shoulders

United Kingdom

Arabian Knight: The Story of Saïd Aouita
Athens 2004 Olympic Games Official Highlights
The Best of British Track 100M & 110M Hurdles Drills
The Best of British Track 100M & 200M Short Sprints Drills
The Best of British Track 200M & 400M Long Sprints Drills
The Best of British Track 400M Hurdles Drills
The Best of British Track Endurance Running Drills
The Best of British Track Fundamental Movement Drills for All Athletes
The Best of British Track Middle Distance Drills
Britain 1948, The Olympic Games
British Gold
British Olympic Gold
Chariots of Fire
Clash of the Titans
First Time Runners: How to Run a Marathon
For the Honor of Their Country
The Four Minute Mile
The Games
The Girl with Brains in Her Feet
Great Distance Runners
The Great Milers
Marathon: The Ultimate Challenge
Naylor’s Run
Olympic Century
Olympic Glory
The Olympics Through Time: The History of the Olympic Games
Race For Kenya
Run, Fat Boy, Run
Running to the Limits
Sebastian Coe: Born to Run
Sprints and Field Events 1
Sprints and Field Events 2
The Sporting Century
The Supermilers: The 4 Minute Barrier and Beyond
Sydney 2000: The Official Highlights of the Sydney Olympic Games

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