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The Best of British Track & Field 100M & 200M Short Sprints Drills

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35 Minutes
Available on DVD

Join Michael Khmel, Senior Performance Coach for Sprints and Relays for the UK, as he focuses on drills to improve quickness for the first 30 meters of the sprint race. Maximum velocity development is the focus and drills include quickness for knee drive and front end mechanics as well as arm movement. Next, Khmel focuses on build-up drills designed to get the sprinter to a speed that can be carried for the duration of the event. Coach Khmel stresses that speed is based upon frequency and stride length and shares drills that assist in developing these factors for a sprinter. In his last segment you will see strategies of the block start where common errors and corrections are shown that will help build the best start for your sprinters. This is part of the 13 disc collection, The Best of British Track & Field Series, that can be ordered as a set or individually from ChampionshipProductions.com.

· Instructional   · 2009   · Topics   · Speed Development