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The Naked Prey

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96 Minutes
Feature, Rated R
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This action-adventure picture, filmed in Maputi, Botswana, and Zimbabwe, stars Cornel Wilde as Man, a great white hunter whose safari is wiped out by angry tribesmen. He is stripped of his clothes and his weapons and given a head start in a "lion’s chance" to save his life. Man is given the opportunity to prove his bravery as, for four days and nights, he is pursued by the village’s best lion killers. Cornel Wilde Enlarge Cover Artwas also the producer and director while it took two people, Clint Johnston and Don Peters, to write this nearly silent script. The scenes at the village are quite vivid and would likely be disturbing to many viewers, however, look no further to read a review of this picture that casts this film in a more positive light than me. Amazon.com is where you can go to order this VHS tape and the Criterion Collection DVD (released in 2008 with audio commentary by film scholar Stephen Prince) gets high marks from the reviewers. This may be one film where you need to decide for yourself.

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