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Bill Dellinger’s Track & Field Series

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19 - 45 Min
Available on VHS

Bill Dellinger has twice produced instructional videos while as Men's Track & Field Coach at the University of Oregon. The most recent twelve part series entitled Track & Field Fundamentals has four tapes that involve running (the rest are throwing and jumping focused). The series is designed for coaches and athletes who are looking for basic yet essential information regarding skill development. The series helps establish a solid fundamental base from which the athlete can build. Strong emphasis is given to the analysis and development of the athlete's potential through a variety of proven drills. The drills and coaching philosophies presented in these tapes allow an individual's natural expression of a given technique to emerge. Each tape in this series is approximately 30-minutes in length. The titles of the tapes relevant to running include:
  • Conditioning with Stewart Togher
  • Hurdles with John Gillespie
  • Middle Distance/Distance with Bill Dellinger
  • Sprints with George Wallcott
These tapes are available through Wolverine Sports.com. Six of the seventeen tapes produced in 1988 involve running. Under the heading Championship Track & Field, this series is also available at Wolverine Sports.com and include:
  • Conditioning the 400M Runner & Intermediate Hurdler. Different conditioning than that required for short sprints is demonstrated and broken down into elements of strength, flexibility, endurance and speed, with progressive conditioning drills emphasized. 21-Minutes.

  • Distance Conditioning. Guidelines and drills for competitive distance running are covered in this film that lasts 18-minutes.

  • Distance Running Technique. This program details aspects of top running form.

  • Hurdles Techniques. 21-minutes are used here to discuss and detail the proper form for high and intermediate hurdles. Demonstrates drills to help optimize efficiency throughout races. This program clearly illustrates proper performance over and between hurdles.

  • Relay Technique. Relays are won or lost in exchange zones. This program outlines phases of 400 meter and mile relays, showing best method for exchanging the baton. 22-minute video tape.

  • Sprint Technique. This program is broken down into leg speed, stride length and arm action. Also covered in the 18-minutes are block clearance, race patterns, and specific drills to improve technique.
View a short video introduction from the Middle Distance/Distance tape.

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