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Marathons +

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Formerly known as Marathons

52 Minutes
Event Coverage
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Marathons + is the most comprehensive running series ever produced and is the only series of its kind that meets the demand for a program that showcases running. Travel around the world to marathon sites to see the action, see music videos that feature marathons, watch awards for elite athletes or soak up some history from past decades with "Golden Moments". This series is produced monthly and distributed for international broadcast by TransWorld International in approximately 80 countries within Central and South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. A yearly video subscription or individual episodes may also be purchased for your enjoyment. Length of each episode is 52 minutes. Contact Salmini Films through their web site at Sportfilm.com to obtain your DVD or VHS episode. They have full details at their site about the content of each months program from their home page.

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