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The Miracle of Kathy Miller

96 Minutes
Made for TV
Unknown Source

Enlarge Based on a true story, this made for TV film has yet to be released on video. Starring Helen Hunt as 13-year-old Kathy Miller who remained in a coma for seven weeks after being struck by a car. She lost half her body weight and suffered from brain damage as well as one leg being mutilated from the accident. Her recovery began in May of 1977 and as Kathy fights back she eventually rebuilds her body and strength to run and finish a 10 K race. The difficult process of overcoming such a tragic accident affects the entire family and this common goal helps to pull them back together. This movie was directed by Robert Michael Lewis, written by Ethel Brez and Mel Brez, and has an original score by Patrick Williams.

· Feature Film   · 1981   · Topics   · Confronting Obstacles   · Hollywood Stars   · Made for TV