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Go For Gold

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98 Minutes
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This drama stars James Ryan, Cameron Mitchell, Sandra Horne, and Tamara Franke and the back of the box describes the movie as follows:

"Johnny Morris (Ryan) lives at home with his mother and his physically abusive stepfather. His only outlets are girlfriend Trish and running. His friend and mentor, Victor, a champion runner, helps him train for his first marathon. Industrialist Phillip Prichard discovers Johnny and takes him under his wing. Prichard forces Johnny to give up Trish and Victor. In return Johnny will receive money and fame. But Johnny must choose whether money is worth giving up everything meaningful in his life."

The director is Stuart F. Fleming with music provided by David McHugh. Available new or used from Amazon.com, a VHS release was made possible by Lightning Video in 1986 and again in 1993 by Avid Home Entertainment.

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