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Marathons of the World II

Video Profiles of Today's Top Races

Order at Sportfilm.com 2003
60 Minutes
Event Coverage
Available on DVD

Experience 26 running events from each of the five continents:

Americas: Napa Valley, Los Angeles, Achilles, Aspen Sky, Houston, Panama, Las Vegas, San Blas Half, Cherry Blossem, Vancouver, New York Mini Marathon, Mud Run, Falmouth Road Race, Pikes Peak

Europe: Hamburg, Belgrade, Dublin, Great Manchester Run

Asia: Tokyo, Hokkaido, Siberia, Beijing, Osaka Ladies

Australia: Gold Coast

Africa: Kilimangaro

You are exposed to some of the history of each race, see winners from the recent year, and learn about the sights and sounds that a visitor may enjoy in each location. If you are one to combine your travels with a marathon race then this video experience is sure to get you in the mood to contact your travel agent, post your training plan, and start saving for the big day. Sportfilm.com offers you a choice of DVD or VHS format; call 201-944-5572 if the title is not listed in their online store. You may also be interested in Marathons of the World I.

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