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Racing for Recovery,
the Todd Crandell Story

83 Minutes
Biographical Film
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Here you will find one man’s quest to utilize his competitive spirit in a constructive way after losing himself in the cycle of addiction that takes him away from sport and into jail and homelessness. Crandell survives his 13 year drug and alcohol addiction and began his life of sobriety on April 15, 1993. The story is told by his closest relatives, friends, former high school coach, and Crandell himself as his life experiences are blended with his preparation and competing in the Ironman Wisconsin triathlon in 2002. You will also obtain a glimpse of Crandell’s non-profit organization, RacingForRecovery.com, whose mission is to help prevent drug and alcohol abuse, and is sharing this message through speaking engagements and hosting a series of 5k runs. Thomas Hofbauer is the executive producer, director, and is joined in the editing room by producer Deborah Halinski where they do an excellent job with the sound and use of still images to deepen the story. Order this film directly from the source at Racing For Recovery.com where you can also order his book, "Addict to Ironman" that was released in April, 2006, for another look at this amazing athlete.

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