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Northwest Triathlon ’03: Tips

The more you give, the faster you get

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79 Minutes
Event Coverage
Available on DVD

The cameras are rolling with the swimmers, bikers, and runners from all perspectives as the triathlon scene in the Pacific Northwest is captured again this year. Over a dozen different events are reviewed from locations including California, Oregon, Idaho, Washington, British Columbia, Canada and Hawaii. Some of the favorite races are Blue Lake, Coeur d'Alene, Pacific Crest, Black Diamond, and of course the finale, the Ironman from Kona, Hawaii. Even the young competitors are captured giving it their all at the Blue Lake Kids event. Executive producer, writer, and director Kevin M. Lynch once offered this film in DVD format from Pro-Motion X 5. The editing largely follows the musical score that has a variety of musical contributors including The Trouble Boys, The Erectile Orchestra, Billy Hale, Jim Chase, Tim Mcgovern, Sarah Pinzon, the Scottish band Kinship, Solarcade from Los Angeles and Jim Major from Hawaii's Big Island. These changes in tempo just reflect the triathlon itself, with all the ups and down experienced in each event combined with the body's sometimes unexpected response over such a long period. Whether you are reviewing the past or planning for the future you are sure to gain many visual tips from this production.

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