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Running with Joe Henderson

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40 Minutes
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Here is an outstanding instructional DVD hosted by none other than Joe Henderson. Introduced by Olympic marathoner Don Kardong, none is needed as Henderson has penned 27 books, written running articles for many magazines, and has been involved at one time or another in almost every aspect of running and racing for nearly 50 years. Although this is his first video production, you would not know from his comfort level that he has taken a leap into a new method of presentation.

Released in 2003 by Nelsen Petersen of KIBO Productions, the run time here is 40 minutes, broken down into 17 chapters that can be easily referenced on the DVD by your favorite topic. Roughly based on Henderson’s Running 101 book you will get advice from preparation and motivation, to racing at various distances, to maintaining a lifelong running lifestyle. The depth of material presented includes the laws of inertia, the "talk test", static stretching, selective walks, general adaptation syndrome theory, percentage rankings, and much much more. Don Kardong’s presentation on racing is a nice supplement to this video and maintains the informative and entertaining qualities that are presented throughout. Filmed in a variety of locations in Eugene, Oregon, the camera also makes stops in the states of California, Washington, Colorado and Minnesota as it mixes a variety of running and different racing events to highlight the material.

Quotes by your host, Joe Henderson:
  • "Fortunately, most running injuries are avoidable because they are due to overuse. This is simply the body’s way of telling you to ease up. When stress is applied in small regular doses the body adapts to it and grows stronger. Too much stress and the system is overloaded and breaks."

  • "Speed improves even more rapidly than endurance does and on much smaller and less frequent dosages of training. One fast day each week is enough speed work for all but the most serious athletes."

  • "The 10K was the race of choice in the first running boom and many people still consider it to be the ideal combination of speed and distance."

  • "Even if you have done everything right in training you can still cancel it out with one wrong move on race day. The first and worst wrong move is leaving the starting line too quickly. A steady pace breaks your records, but an uneven pace breaks your heart."
If you are planning ahead for this holiday season than this production would make a fine gift for the runner in your family. Order this directly at Destination Marathon.com and know that this video will be one that you can reflect on time and time again. You may also read more thoughts and impressions from Joe Henderson at his web site, Joe Henderson.com, where he posts weekly articles for your reading enjoyment. If you are a "life runner" then watching this DVD may inspire in you the words by Dr. George Sheehan, "For every runner who tours the world running marathons, there are thousands who run to hear the leaves and listen to the rain, and to look to the day when it is suddenly as easy as a bird in flight. For them, sport is not a test but a therapy, not a trial but a reward, not a question but an answer."

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