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Coaching Cross Country

38 Minutes
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Hosted by head coach Jack Hazen, Malone College, Canton, Ohio. Coach Hazen illustrates what it takes to establish a winning tradition for your team by sharing what he has learned over his 35 years of experience in his cross country program. Hazen brings the concepts to life as cross country runners are seen on screen in a variety of racing environments. The seven main chapters of this tape include:

History and Facts. 6 minutes explaining the original game of "hounds and hares" leading to the harrier reference used today as well as why cross country is a "pure sport".

Implementing your Philosophy. 2 minutes is used to describe three levels of athletes and how each fulfills a team role.

Developing a Sound Program. 5 minutes is taken to describe staffing, scheduling, 12 suggestions to aid in athlete recruitment, and hints on how to keep runners involved in the program.

Building a Tradition. 7 minutes is taken to outline the 10 traits to building a team identity, a sample table of contents for making a team handbook is provided, and suggestions for improving cross country as a spectator sport is outlined.

Planning and Organizing a Season. 6 minutes is needed to cover the coaches tasks for summer preparation, 15 point pre-season checklist, an early fall checklist, in-season steps, and post-season responsibilities. You will need to prioritize these lists because there is only so much time to accomplish this huge list of tasks to improve your overall program.

Organizing Home Meets. 10 minute section. A whole host of ideas are shared which would be extremely valuable, especially for a first year coach including: Course design and marketing, meet job descriptions, and meet materials checklist.

Coach Hazen ends this informative session by stating "I hope we have presented some things today that will give you some ideas about how to develop your team, to get kids out, to help them have fun, follow a scientific training plan, and to get spectators involved in our great sport of cross country." This material is based on the out of print 1994 extensive manual entitled "Cross Country" by Ed Derse and Skip Stolley. Produced by and once sold by Championship Productions.com, this tape is no longer available as they discontinued all VHS products in 2007. Hopefully this, and as many as 25 other VHS tapes, will be provided once again in DVD format in the future.

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