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Sprinting with Carl Lewis

and Coach Tom Tellez

Call 1-800-922-9544 to Order 1996
42 Minutes
Available on VHS

Here you will join Carl Lewis and his coach, Tom Tellez, for a video sprint seminar. A variety of topics are covered including warm-up, technique, mechanics, curve running, drills, phases of training, strength training, mental focus, preparing the blocks, and racing strategy. This video as clear in delivery and forward in presentation with topics being reviewed and demonstrated by Lewis. You will see Lewis running for numerous camera angles and in slow motion to examine his form. Both athlete and coach share screen time well and after the credits there is eleven additional minutes (complete run time of 53 minutes) of sprint related commentary by three sports specialists: Stan James, MD. (Orthopedic Surgeon), Scott Pengelly, Ph.D., (Sports Psychologist), and Rich Phaigh (Massage Therapist). To own this instructional tape you will want to call Excel Sports Science in Eugene, Oregon at 1-800-922-9544 to place your order and start improving your stride frequency, stride length, and anaerobic endurance to maximize your sprint potential. This production was shot on location at the University of Houston, Robertson Stadium.

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