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Team In Training New Recruitment Video

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

8 Minutes

Team In Training groups have been participating in marathons, cycling events, and triathlons as a way of fund raising to fight blood born related cancers. 220,000 participants have raised over 500 million dollars to support education, patient services, and research since 1988. More and more people are joining these TNT groups as the rewards are numerous: you will be physically doing something towards a goal, you receive coaching from experienced athletes, and the camaraderie is great when working as a group. If the idea of fundraising is intimidating, you may be surprised at how willing and generous people are who give. There have been numerous videos used to inform and encourage participation and the December 2003 version that runs 8 minutes ends by asking "What are you waiting for? This is the best time of your life. This is where you become somebody!" To learn more about Team In Training you can visit teamintraining.org where you can learn more about upcoming events as well as get connected to a training group near you. You may amaze yourself as "people who start out as strangers become a family."

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