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Coaching High School
Track & Field: Distance Running

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102 Minutes
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Nationally recognized coach Will Freeman hosts this 102 minute DVD that is focused on developing the high school distance runner. Released in 2006, the concepts are presented in an easy to understand manner that will aid the coaching staff. Progressing from the season overview, you will gain knowledge about phases of the season down to the actual training sessions that will be performed to maximize potential. Freeman explains the types of training such as interval training, repetitions, core training, and strength training for the distance runner. He reveals both specific routines as well as practical ideas that he has learned over the years as the former Chairman of USA Track & Field Coaching Education. If you are interested in developing your distance crew than consider bringing this all inclusive instructional DVD as a resource for your team. Place you order at Championship Productions.com where you can find a 29 second sample clip showing athletes performing calisthenic drills during their warm up.

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