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The Basics of
Lactate Threshold Training

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51 Minutes
Available on DVD

Championship Productions.com offers this 51 minute DVD that is hosted by Olympian, World Champion, and nationally recognized coach from Villanova, Marcus O’Sullivan. In the first section you will learn about the basic physiology of the phosphate, oxygen, and lactate systems. You will learn how to identify the threshold "line" that is the key element in establishing appropriate individualized training programs for each runner. Learn the needed heart rate and time formulas used to establish the ideal pace to boost running performance. Coach O’Sullivan also shares workout plans, including frequency and volume of a threshold workout, that will lead to less injury and overtraining of the athlete. This video combines science with practical aspects of distance training to bring maximum improvement for your athletes. This DVD is one of three offered as a Threshold Training 3-Pack offered by Championship Productions in 2006.

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