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Marty Stern: Training Female
Cross Country Runners

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48 Minutes
Available on DVD

Join 6 time NCAA "National Coach of the Year" Marty Stern as he reveals his Cross Country training philosophy that he has practiced so successfully at Villanova. From the early pre-season strategies that focus on a gradual progression of both mileage and frequency to the "Early Season Phase" where the attention turns to a high stress and quality workouts one day each week. There are six specific hard day workout prescriptions that make up the stronghold of the program. Stern then offers both general concepts as well as specific workout suggestions for the rest of the week including tips for maintaining a healthy team. There are also strategies for positive pack running, a critical element of a successful Cross Country team. An additional segment offers ideas for successful recruitment and retention of athletes. The last segment focuses on pre-meet and post-meet drills and rituals as well as a demonstration of hill running. Order today at Championship Productions.com.

· Instructional   · 2006   · Topics   · Women