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Marty Stern: Training Female
Middle Distance Runners

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51 Minutes
Available on DVD

This 51 minute instructional DVD was released in 2006 and can be purchased through Championship Productions either individually or as part of a three DVD series on coaching female runners. In this presentation, Marty shares 43 years of coaching experienec as he shows the training methods, techniques, and many tips that he has acquired. Information is shared in a number of areas including: stretching, warm-up, weekly training cycles, hard and easy days, adjusting your workout to your meet schedule, relay strategies, form development through drills, and much more. In addition to these training aspects, Stern specifically discusses aerobic training, monitoring mileage, and alternative training methods that can be done in a pool or on a bike. This complete guide to coaching the female middle distance runner is one production that you will review each season to get your program off to the best possible start.

· Instructional   · 2006   · Topics   · Women