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16 Speed and
Power Drills for Sprints

with Coach Lance Brauman

Order at ChampionshipProductions.com 2006
28 Minutes
Available on DVD

Coach Brauman is the former University of Arkansas Sprint and Hurdles Coach who rapidly established himself as one of the premier sprint coaches in the nation. In this presentation you will see Coach Brauman’s philosophies on developing the main two components for sprinters: speed and power. Broken into four sections, the first two phases are in the weight room with several explosive lifts including pulls, cleans, and snatch lifts. Brauman then demonstrates the exercises that make up his "Explosive Training" program. The third phase takes place on the indoor track where you will see athletes demonstrating speed, power, and bounding drills. The last presentation in Brauman’s training program is hurdle mobility. This workout will challenge sprinters and enhance their preparation for both indoor and outdoor competitive seasons.You can purchase this 28 minute DVD from Championship Productions.com.

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