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30 Speed and Power Drills
for the Hurdles

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28 Minutes
Available on DVD

Released by Championship Productions, this 28 minute DVD features former University of Arkansas Sprint and Hurdles Coach Lance Brauman. The first section focuses on sprint drills that help create a base of speed and explosion for the athletes. Next are hurdle mobility drills which focus on minimizing swinging and contact with the ground. Coach Brauman then shares wall drills to enhance both trail and lead leg efficiencies. There is a special section on plyometric drills that can be executed from a variety of heights. The last section takes place in the weight room where a variety of power lifts are demonstrated. If you are looking for specific drills that can be implemented into your hurdle workout then look no further than this DVD to bring you to the next level.

· Instructional   · 2006   · Topics   · Hurdling   · Speed Development