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Quad Dipsea 2002

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50 Minutes
Event Coverage
Available on VHS

This 50 minute tape is race coverage from the November 2002 Quadruple Dipsea Race. This race consists of four crossings on the famous Dipsea Trail from the town of Mill Valley, California, to the ocean and back. With 1000 stairs, two hills and 2300 vertical feet each way, the entire "quad" provides for a total of 28 miles and 9200 feet of brutally steep ascending and descending. The weather in 2002 was spectacular and fast times were the rule with Carl Anderson (3:57) and Karen Brown (4:42) winning their divisions. This production was filmed and edited by Dipsea runner and filmmaker, Tim Amyx. With cameras rolling at Old Mill Park, The Muir Woods creek crossing, Dynamite, and Cardiac most runners are included, with many appearing on film four or more times. The top 120 finishers were captured at the finish line, with a graphic across the screen indicating their name, time, and place. For complete race results visit here and to order this video visit AmyxVideo.com.

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