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Ron Jones
Dynamic Warm-Up

A 5 minute whole body tune-up.

Order  at RonJones.org 2006
46 Minutes
Available on DVD

This DVD consists of three main components: a three minute introduction, the dynamic warm-up (5:44), and over 37 minutes of specific instruction, guidance, and variation for each of the exercises. The 10 movements that make up this routine is a quick and effective way to get the body prepared for a run, weight lifting session, or in advance of any other workout routine. This series of movements are designed to be performed in a specific order and tempo, making the ability to follow along on this DVD such a wonderful tool. Ron Jones, ACSM health/fitness Instructor and Licensed Corporate Wellcoach, has done a fantastic job making this easy to follow and enjoyable production that can be used with a very large range of people and fitness levels. You may purchase this 46 minute DVD at RonJones.org where you will find reviews from track and cross country teams, and handouts that support this 2006 production.

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