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Just Yell Fire


Empowering Girls to Protect Themselves

48 Minutes
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Two high school students, Dallas Jessup and Catherine Wehage, developed and perform leading roles in this self defense instructional film. After a talk show type introduction to the main concepts of how to protect oneself from kidnapping or rape, there are six scenes that demonstrate and teach the skills needed to keep yourself safe. The last scene takes place on a jogging trail where the attackers grab each of the women from behind. Do you know what to do if this were to happen to you when out running? By watching this DVD you will learn 10 effective ways to help get free including how to effectively bite, gouge an eye, whip slap an ear, properly kick, and release holds. The production quality is very high, with interesting graphics, statistics, and with enough repetition of instruction to get the point across clearly. Released in 2006, the entire 48 minute movie can be downloaded (please make a donation) at their site, JustYellFire.com, and you can view a trailer below:

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