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That crazy rock 'n' roll beat has taken over her feet.

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86 Minutes
Feature Film
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Patty Duke plays Billie who is a girl who has it all–the talent, the charm and, especially, the beat. The rock and roll rhythm in her head has her out running every boy on the high school track team. Proving that a girl can do it all, Billie runs circles around the boys and drives them crazy. This video challenges the role of women and their participation in sport. EnlargeBillie goes so far that she even pole vaults her way onto the cover of a national magazine, drawing more attention to the amazing feats she accomplishes.

Written by Ronald Alexander, produced and directed by Don Weis, with music by Dominic Frontiere. Amazon.com offers this item in both VHS and DVD. Originally released in 1965 this 86 minute black and white movie was released in VHS format in 1991. Some filming was conducted at University High School in West Los Angeles. In 2004 this movie returned with color in DVD format.

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