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A Revolutionary Approach
to Effortless, Injury-Free Running

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56 Minutes (origninal version)
Updated 2.0 Version Available on DVD

Danny Dreyer, long time ultramarathoner, took the concepts that he has been using and teaching for years and created this instructional film that was released in 2004. If you are looking for a clear and well thought out presentation on running form, this DVD may be the answer for you. Whether you are seeking efficiency in your stride or injury prevention for the long haul of your running career, this may contain the solutions that you have been seeking. Combine this video with his book (with additional information on race preparation, diet, injury prevention, and lifestyle), or one of the many workshops that Dreyer hosts, and you are bound to get on board with a new angle to the age old exercise of running.

Although you can get a VHS tape, I would highly recommend the DVD as the menu allows easy navigation between the lessons, the four drills & exercises, eight body looseners, and additional features that are included. One of the strengths of this show are split screen views showing incorrect and correct application of the concepts. Each topic is broken down into several steps that are clearly explained and demonstrated with soothing music and clear graphics. Nearly two dozen athletes are used to illustrate the methods that will move your focus onto the core muscles while relaxing the rest of the body to run more effortlessly and efficiently. There are five lessons during the first 20 minutes that get you up and running. Here are a few of the highlights presented during the opening explanations with the quotes from Danny:

Posture: "Posture is the cornerstone of the ChiRunning technique and crucial to building strong core muscles. We begin with posture because it is the single most important factor in developing good running form" Five steps are then used to demonstrate how to obtain the correct posture that is used in ChiRunning.

Lean: "Leaning takes an immense amount of the workload off your legs and creates highly efficient running. The less you use your legs to push yourself forward the more efficient of a runner you will be. The lean is your gas pedal. If you want to run faster you lean more. If you want to run slower you lean less." Three drills are used to reinforce this important aspect of the program.

Heal Lift: "In ChiRunning you will not be pushing yourself forward with each stride, in fact, you will be simply picking up your feet to keep up with your forward fall." Two steps are used to develop and demonstrate this concept.

Arm Swing: "Few people know how to really make their arms work for them in a beneficial way. Follow these simple steps and you will be ‘swinging’ with the best of them." Outlined are the four steps needed to master this upper body technique.

Starting to run: "As you start your run it is best to begin by being mindful of what you are about to do. You have been given all the pieces to the ChiRunning technique and now here is where we get to put it all together." Five main points are covered as the real adventure of running begins.

The above is just a sample of the steps that are well broken down and reviewed at the end of each segment of this production. See it for yourself to discover additional drills and exercises, discussion of cadence and stride length with clear examples demonstrated, and testimonials from people who are practicing ChiRunning with success. Visit RunningTimes.com if you want to read an article written in 2001 by Danny that is entitled Physical Running: Applying Physics to Your Running Form. To see the most current information on this technique go to the official web site, ChiRunning.com, where you can place your order, read articles, and view a host of other information to start making running more enjoyable, efficient, and effective for your mind and body.

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