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Evolution Running

Run Faster with Fewer Injuries

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43 Minutes
Available on DVD

If you want to run faster or be more injury free than you may want examine your running form. There are many videos that describe proper technique, and this presentation is among the best of them all. This is the first release in the Ultrafit Multisport Training Series done by Endurance Films and Velo Press. Although Joe Friel, the series executive producer, introduces this DVD the host is coach Ken Mierke of Fitness Concepts. As Friel states: "There are three things you can do to become a faster runner. The first is to improve your aerobic capacity, same as your VO2 max. Second is to elevate your lactate threshold. Third is to improve your economy or efficiency. What we want to look at with you today on this video is the later, economy. There are many things you can do to improve economy. We want to focus on one aspect of that which is running skills. We want to improve your technique."

Coach Mierke briefly touches on improvements, research, and client results before delving into the instructional presentation that makes up the bulk of the 45 minute main presentation. Six points (propulsion, vertical displacement, support, acceleration, balance, and limb movement) are explained in relation to running and are referred to repeatedly while looking at eight aspects of "evolution running". Along the way the use of animated illustrations are well integrated with actual runners who demonstrate the main points. Quality graphics and good music make this film easy to watch and retain each instructional point. The eight points include: Balance between stride length and stride frequency, foot strike placement, methods of foot strike, developing propulsion of foot on impact, movement of foot at impact, limb movement, uphill running, and downhill running.

  • "If you only learn one thing from this video let it be this: Efficient runners take relatively short quick stride at any running speed."

  • "If you increase turnover by 20% you will run faster even with a stride length that is 15% shorter than normal."

  • "Runners that we have taught the Evolution Running technique to have improved their running efficiency by 4.5 to 8.0%. That might not sound like much, but 1% of an hour is 36 seconds, so a 4.5% improvement is over two minutes an hour."
Good form is broken down in easy to understand methods that can easily be duplicated. The theory is sound, and the presentation brings it home with numerous examples, metaphors, and concepts that you can repeat in your own program to become more efficient and faster. Although many of the observations come from the success of the African runners who often run barefoot, the expectation here is you will stay in your shoes where you can use this information to obtain similar improvements. Be sure to check out the bonus material on this DVD which provides each of the nine outlined drills, frequently asked questions, how to use a metronome, troubleshooting problems, and athlete bios. You may place an order at Amazon.com as well as learn more from the official website Endurance Films.com.

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