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It’s time to stand up for the little guys

Order at Amazon.com 2006
90 Minutes
Feature, PG
Available on DVD

Roy is the new kid on the block at Trace Middle School and when being bullied on the way to school he becomes intrigued by a barefoot boy running faster than the bus. He asks another student "I saw this weird kid on the way to school today...He was running like crazy with no shoes on. Fast, faster than any kid I’ve ever seen." On the second encounter seeing the boy he gets off the bus and sets chase. He later discovers that a group of burrowing owls are about to be destroyed to make way for commercial development and he joins up with the outcast and tomboy to try to save the endangered species. You may buy this DVD at Amazon.com and below is a trailer.

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Hoot Soundtrack

Mailboat Records released these twelve songs which can each be heard as samples at Amazon.com:

1. Barefootin’, Jimmy Buffett duet with Alan Jackson
2. Lovely Day, Maroon 5 and Bill Withers
3. Floridays, Jimmy Buffett
4. Good Guys Win, Jimmy Buffett
Order Soundtrack 5. Werewolves of London, Jimmy Buffett
6. Wondering Where the Lions Are, Jimmy Buffett
7. Back of the Bus, G Love and Special Sauce
8. Let Your Spirit Fly, Ry Cumming
9. Coming Around, Brie Larson
10. Funky Kingston, Toots & the Maytals
11. Florida, MOFRO
12. Happy Ending, Original Score

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