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Run Like Hell

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51 Minutes + Extras
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This film opens with...

to run like hell is to defy the logic
of everyday man and to CHOOSE pain.
The pain is not a means to success in
some sensationalized sporting event
meant to market athletes and sell
their talents to the masses. The pain
IS the success.
Once you prove that pain cannot
dominate you, you can

Not very often is there a running film that one can watch over and over at a variety of levels and still come back for more. However, that is exactly what 2004 Olympic steeplechaser Anthony Famiglietti, better known as Fam, has done in this dynamic short film. Part biography, part training tool, and full time entertainment, the balance has been achieved in a unique presentation that will keep the track and field fans chattering about this film for years to come. If you didn’t pay attention to the steeplechase before, you likely will now. Narrated by Fam, you get to hear the story from his own point of view. Starting with "how it all began", you move through progressions in high school, college (Appalachian State University and University of Tennessee), and beyond. With a sprinkling of interviews with his family, coaches, agent, fiancé, and revealing self-disclosure, you see how an elite athlete was developed over many years with hard work, focus, and desire. Fam has competed in all levels of competition and with altitude training in Flagstaff, Arizona, 2006 became another great year with four new PRs: 27:37.24 10k debut, 3:55.71 mile, 3:35.83 1500m, and 13:24.47 for 5000m.

  • "One thing about Fam that came across right away was his desire to get better and be great ... He sets his goals first and then trains to that level ... He can do a lot of it on his own and he’ll train hard anywhere and anytime and that is what makes him successful." ~ Coach George Watts

  • "He’s got a fire in him that makes him. He puts his all into what he does." ~ Angela Famiglietti

  • "I pretty much do train completely by myself. As far as any tempo runs that I do in the park, or my base training phase, or workouts on the track here in the city, everything is done by myself. And when I say by myself I’m not just sayin’ I’m the only athlete working out there. There’s no coach out there with a stopwatch, there’s no other athletes on the track doing their own thing, it’s just me." ~ Fam

  • "When he races he gives his all and you can see it in his face, you can see it in his eyes, and he’s not ever going to give up." ~ Karen Underwood

  • "My overall workout style is to run hard on the hard days and run easy on easy days. You know you’re alright until you start seeing colors, then you know you’re in trouble. I usually see like green patches with purple lightning, that means I’m in oxygen debt. Lets get some visuals going." ~ Fam
This DVD is fast paced with frequent editing and music changes that is raw at times. Shaky camera work, shadows, as well as low sound levels are present, yet this fits right in with the eclectic range of presentation. Just when this production could settle, it moves forward in another engaging mix, often with humorous weaves and new insights. Released in December 2006 you will need to order this 51 minute film directly to enjoy it again and again. Visit Fam’s official web site at RunFam.com, order the DVD from Amazon.com, and enjoy the trailer provided below.

Extras include:Enlarge
  • Steeple Drills: Fam demonstrates six essential drills for improved hurdle form. (6:43)

  • Outtakes: More opportunities to continue laughing. (4:47)

  • "Worst Diet Ever": Discover Fam’s secret food choice. (1:25)

  • Rieti, Italy 1500: Complete race (home video) with a 24 second last 200 for Fam. Bernard Lagat wins. (3:37)

  • Stanford Invite 10k: Fam’s debut with Alan Webb and Dathan Ritzenhein battling it out up front. This home video footage contains a clear soundtrack with the stadium announcer providing good updates as well as crowd spectators using occasional adult language. Next time they should bring a tripod to the track. (27:37)
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