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30 Minutes

This 30 minute presentation features Bob Prichard and starts with his analysis of Steve Spence and Wang Young-Chow in the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Men’s marathon. The scientific method used takes specific look at stride angles, overstiding, bounce, and cross over to seek the most efficient use of energy. For example, it is noted that three inches of bounce creates one mile of vertical movement over the course of a marathon. Additional athletes, including Art Boileau of Canada, are examined before the last 19 minutes are used to show the effects of a microfiber reduction treatment with seven time Ironman finisher Jay Lehr. Jay is filmed over 400 meters, receives treatment, and then does another time trial to illustrate the results. The difference in range of motion is amazing and the stride angle opens from 60 degrees to 90 degrees creating improved performance. If you are trying to improve your running (also golf, swimming, and other sports) through efficiently then learn more about these methods by contacting Bob Prichard through his website at Somax Sports.com. The written information and testimonials by folks like Richard Benyo and Jeff Galloway are an added bonus that gave a new perspective to a variety of issues, such as downhill running technique.