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Sprint Training the Jamaican Way

with Coach Maurice Wilson

Order at ChampionshipProductions.com 2010
61 Minutes
Available on DVD

This is one of three DVDs in the Sprinting the Jamaican Way Series produced by Championship Productions. Coach Maurice Wilson has provided coaching at all levels (high school, World Junior, World Championships, and Olympic Games). With the recent success and records coming from Jamaica, it is no surprise that folks are trying to discover the methods used by this sprint group that are presented in the following segments:

Warm-Up: Start out right with a 9-drill dynamic warm up.

Running Drills: This section features a 9-drill sequence that emphasizes proper running technique.

Strength Philosophies: Coach Wilson outlines the Jamaican philosophy for strength development.

Strength Work: The focus is on three areas: Circuit training, hip strength, and stability strength.

Contrast Training: Five examples of contrast training (resistance and overspeed training) are presented.

Training Cycles: From the macrocycle to microcycle you will learn about the three phases of training and see a breakdown of training examples and sets for each phase.

Meet Preparation: Here is a detailed plan for tapering and competition-day preparation.

Competition Day: Place your athletes in the proper state of physical and mental preparation to be at their best during the peak races.

Race Strategy: The focus is on proven race strategies for the 100 and 200 meter sprints.

Injury Prevention: Coach Wilson shares his training philosophies designed to meet the goal of a season free of injury.

Jamaican History: As a bonus there is a segment on the history of Jamaican sprinting.

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