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World Class 400M Dash

World Class 400 Meters

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36 Minutes
Available on DVD

Join gold medalist LaShawn Merritt as he demonstrates under Coach Dwayne Miller the drills and techniques that you can use it with your athletes. The first of the five parts focuses on stretching. All critical muscle groups for the 400M are discussed with particular attention to the back, gluts, groin, hamstring and lower leg. Four different drills are shown during the ballistic warm-up section with an emphasis on proper mechanics and arm movement. Next the focus turns to an explosive start from the blocks and maintaining a powerful body position noting stride length and rhythm of movement. Coach Miller then breaks the race into phases to allow an effective plan for each section of the event. Getting into the weight room and avoiding injury is presented next. There are eight specific exercises that are reviewed and demonstrated with correct form and relevance to the 400 meter sprint. The DVD concludes with Merritt discussing his gold medal performance in Beijing as well as contributing factors such as nutrition and his general approach to training. This is a Championship Productions exclusive and part of the World Class series which also includes 110 High Hurdles, 400 Hurdles and Sprints & Relays.

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