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Yoga For Runners

Yoga for Runners

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60 Minutes
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Although designed for women specifically in mind, anyone can benefit from this Yoga program that is aimed towards Runners. People who would benefit from strengthening muscles and increasing flexibility in joints may find particular improvements in their running after working this program. Yoga often helps in injury prevention and as a cross training tool for runners who need more activity without the impact of hitting the road for more miles. As expected, there is a focus on lower body strength including the knees, legs, thighs, calves, and ankles. The results of participating in a program on a regular basis will be reflected in greater power and strength in your running.

Ann Richmond (MommYoga.com) leads these exercises outside and has broken the contents into three sections: A warm up (15 min), main practice, and a cool down (10 min). Choose to mix these exercises around your aerobic running to best suit your needs. If you are new to the practice, you may find some of the poses challenging. Some items that may be useful to best enjoy the workout include a yoga mat, strap or towel, chair, and a yoga block or other sturdy item.

Here is part of the warm-up from this production with leg stretching/strengthening sequences in the second clip:

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