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Confronting Obstacles

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America’s Heart & Soul 2004, Cerebral Palsy
Atletu (The Athlete) 2009, Paralysis
Champions Never Quit 1973, Burn
The Dipsea Demon 2004, Age
Dying to Be Perfect: The Ellen Hart Peña Story 1996, Eating disorder
The Emmett Smith Story 1975, Brain Tumor
Into The Wind 2010, Cancer
Iron Man of Kansas 1980, Burn
Jeff Keith’s Run Across America 1985, Cancer
John Baker’s Last Race 1976, Cancer
The Loneliest Runner 1976, Bed Wetting
The Long Road 2008, Arthritis and aneurysm
The Loretta Claiborne Story 2000, Developmental disability
Marathon 2005, Developmental disability
The Miracle of Kathy Miller 1981, Automobile accident
My Run 2009, Cancer, Single Parenting
Racing Against the Clock 2004, Numerous aspects
The Ringer 2005, Developmental disability
Run for the Dream: The Gail Devers Story 1996, Graves disease
Run For Your Life 2008, Cancer
Running for my Father 2008, Brain Tumor and Grief
Running Hard, Breathing Easy: The Jeanette Bolden Story 1982, Asthma
Running on the Sun 1999, Amputee
A Shining Season 1979, Cancer
Special Olympics 1978, Developmental disability
Survival Run 1980, Blindness
The Terry Fox Story 1983, Cancer
Together: Team Hoyt 2004, Cerebral Palsy
Wilma 1977, Polio