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Rated R Movies

It should be no surprise that the film industry hasn’t produced very many films with a running theme that have an "R" attached. Even Across the Tracks has been released in an edited PG-13 version in order to try to obtain a larger market reach. If you have questions about the movie rating system (or want to check a title) visit Filmratings.com. If you are wanting to find, or avoid, some feature films that make up this rating then take notice of the following running movies:

Cover Art Slideshow Across The Tracks (1989) Language and drug content
The Big Chill (1983) Themes and Nudity
Dangan Runner (1996) Nudity
The Fast Runner (2001) Sexuality/nudity and violence
Finish Line (1988) Drug use
Higher Learning (1995) Language, violence, and sexuality
The Ice Runner (1993) Violence and brief nudity
Kicking Bird (2005) Language and violence
The Long Run (2000) Language and nudity
Marathon Man (1976) Language and violence
The Naked Prey (1965, prior to rating system) Violence
One Day in September (1999) Graphic violent images
Pentathlon (1994) Violence
Personal Best (1982) Language and nudity
Raw Courage (1983) Violence
Run Lola Run (1998) Language and violence
The Running Man (1987) Violence
Thumbsucker (2005) Drug use and sexuality involving teens, a disturbing image