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Youth Films

These titles either feature or would most likely appeal to the younger audience. From animated films, made for TV dramas, personal safety, comedy, instruction, and educational pieces, the range of films varies widely in this section.

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All That Kinda Stuff
Animal Olympians
Animal Olympians II
Bridge to Terabithia
Children of Heaven
Children Running: Fun!
Challenge the Wind
The Flashettes
The Girl with Brains in Her Feet
Girls Sports: On the Right Track
Guide to High School Cross Country *
Hurdles with David Hemery
The Incredibles
It’s a Mile From Here to Glory
In the Trenches: Classroom Observation
Just Yell Fire
Lady Warriors
The Long Green Line
Motivating Your Athletes for Success
Niambi: Sweet Melody
Our Winning Season
Racing for Time
Road Running with Joan Benoit-Samuelson
Runner’s High
Saint Ralph