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2011 National Distance Running Summit
Acceleration Drills for Sprinters
The Art and Science of Recovery
Bill Aris- Developing a Championship High School Program
Bull Runners of Pamplona
The Complete High School Coach’s Blueprint for Success Series
Designing Daily Workouts for the Entire Track and Field Season
Dr. Joe Vigil- Specific Phases in Training Programs
Dr. Joe Vigil- 800m & 1500 meter Training Program
Drills for Distance Runners
Fast Women
Fitness Journeys - Along the Beach
Fitness Journeys - Australian Landscapes
Fitness Journeys - Canyon Landscapes
Fitness Journeys - Coastal Scenery
Fitness Journeys - Forest & Bush Trails
Fitness Journeys - Natural Scenery
Fitness Journeys - Through the Forest 2
Fitness Journeys - Through the Mountains
Furnace Creek 508 DVD
Jay Dicharry- Developing Better Runners
Marathon Boy
McMillan’s Guide to High School Cross Country
High School Coach’s Blueprint for Success: 800M / 1500M
High School Coach’s Blueprint for Success: Hurdles
High School Coach’s Blueprint for Success: Sprints
Hood To Coast
Pikes Peak Ascent and Marathon DVD
Renato Canova- Development of Strength Endurance
Renato Canova- Methodological Principles Coaches Have to Use
Renato Canova- The Training of Moses Mosop
The Robber
The Runner's Clinic
Running with Demons
Scenic Workouts Yosemite
Scott Simmons- An Alternative Approach to Using Altitude
Scott Simmons- Breakthroughs: Contributing Factors to Success
Super Distance Summit Coach’s Combo
Town of Runners
The Training of Team USA Arizona
Training Workout: Short & Distance Running
Triathlon: The Run - Biomechanics and Drills
Unbreakable: The Western States 100
The Ultimate Marathon Man
Virtual Active - American Northeast Run
Virtual Active - American Southwest Run
Virtual Active - American Southwest II Run
Virtual Active - Chicago Run
Virtual Active - Los Angeles Run
Virtual Active - Northern Italy Run
Virtual Active - Pacific Northwest Run
Virtual Active - Swiss Alps Run
Virtual Active - Wild California Run
World Class 100M Hurdles
World Class 400M Dash